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Effective ways of professionals to negotiate when renting house in Hanoi

You have just hunted a perfect apartment or make an appointment with an agency to visit an apartment for rent in Hanoi; however, your landlord is raising the rent on your current apartment. You should try to negotiate your rent. It sounds difficult, but with a little strategy, you just might win over the landlord.

Something should be noticed before negotiating a lease

In some cases, in order to have an effective negotiation, you should make sure that you know most of the disadvantages and advantages of apartment/house/villa. On your visit, it’s easy to inspect all furniture and household appliances carefully. And then, make a list of things you want to repaint/repair/replace prior to renting and staying here.

However, apartments for rent in Hanoi have some differences.  Despite the supply of electricity in Hanoi has been improved significantly, there are few major power cuts.  And most of the apartment for rent has not got generators. So that, some criteria may be considered slightly. But on another hand, Hanoi is a peaceful city, you will stay here without violence or terrorism.

And here are some ways to negotiate effectively:

No matter how experienced you are, you should bear in mind that your plan is “key”. Only by your plan, you will hold your opportunity to win and feel confident as well as ease during the negotiation. Usually, there are many ways to negotiate, you can refer and use them flexibly in your situation:

Make a reasonable offer, once you figure out what that is: Firstly, before making the right offer, you should do a research. Find out the average price of some apartments in neighboring buildings or some apartments for rent which are similar to yours. So that, once the landlord charges you a renting fee, you will know exactly whether that offer is reasonable or not. If the landlord do not agree with your price offer, show him some similar apartments which have lower prices.

Offer to sign a longer lease: Landlord usually prefer a long term renting. But you also make sure that paying in advance a few month rent fee will have discount. If your landlord offers first, you also should consider or compare discount with interests on that amount of money.

Do not limit negotiation by the price of the rent:  Target of negotiation is to get the most reasonable price. However, some other term in contract you should take into account if the landlord does not budge on the rent. However, he will offer some services, a parking lot, some new appliances, or upgrade some furniture…  

Keep you respect: When it comes down to negotiating your rent, there’s really only one rule: Keep humanity. Respect the landlord is also one way of respecting yourself.  Moreover, you will prove that you are reliable and responsible. Since most successful negotiations require both sides feeling the win.

And finally, if your landlord does not agree anything that you offer, hope you do not give up. Maybe you should start another negotiation on another day. Then make sure all the agreements you reach are reflected in writing in your contract, and bear in mind how long the repairs and replacements you want might take when agreeing your moving-in date.

In short, paying money for your renting apartment in Hanoi is just one thing in life. You should negotiate in order to save your money for other fees. You’re under obligation to pay rent doesn’t mean you don’t get to have a say in what exactly the rate will be! So before any negotiation, you should have a plan, do some research, respect the landlord and be confident.

Hope this article will be useful to you.