Condotel (also known as Condo Hotel) is a combination of apartments and hotels. In developed countries, the apartment hotel is one of the most attractive segments of the real estate industry. This type of property attracts mainly for customers with high financial capability thanks to its appealing profitability. In Vietnam, some of the largest projects includes Condotel Vinpearl Nha Trang, Phu Quoc Vinpearl Condotel, Condotel Vinpearl Da Nang, Phu Quoc World Grand Condotel, etc.

Condotel Apartment in Vietnam is blooming at the resort where has the advantage of the mild climate and beautiful beaches. The investment potential is still large yet not so many firms has joined this sector. Condo Hotels are located in strategic locations, inside the luxury resort. This feature gurantees the occupancy rate thansk for the high demand of luxurious accommodation and relaxing retreat of travelers who are ready to pay higher for better services. The combination of high rent and large number of tourists ensures the profitability of Condo Hotel.

Codotel việt Nam

In addition to making a profit from the lease, the owner of these apartments can also enjoy the added value of real estate. Many Condo Hotel, especially for famous Condo Hotel, the prices have increased twice. The best time to purchase a Condo Hotel is in pre-construction phase. Almost all of the projects start selling Condo Hotel in pre-construction phase. The real estate investor knows that the purchase price at pre-construction phase can be a bargain and that property can be sold for a higher price once it has been completed and put into operation.

Condotel potential in Vietnam

With 3,260km shoreline, beautiful beaches, many tourist attractions as well as the strong development of tourism in the country in recent years, the development potential of Vietnam condotel is highly appreciated. At Phan Thiet, home of the largest number of resorts nationwide, occupancy rate on the occasion is of 100%, the average number is of 75% and 55% per year. This shows that demand for hotel rooms in general and condotel in particular will soar in the coming years. Currently, only a few tourism real estate projects applied this model  in Vietnam. Typically the premium apartments Ocean Vista, the first 5-star condotel project in Phan Thiet and many other condotel projects in Nha Trang and Phu Quoc are also attracting a large number of investors. According to the investor, condotel apartment will operate 300 days each year, occupancy rate ranges from 35% -50% and prices for rent is about $200/night. People who buy vacation home Ocean Vista can get payback from subletting during idle time. Own a second home at a luxurious resort and receive stable annual income are some of the most outstanding benefits when you invest on condotel Vietnam.